Feb 2018


PerCon releases Embedded Systems - Worldwide Table of Frequency Allocations (ES-WTFA) is now available. ES-WTFA is a compact extract of WTFA for use in hardware, such as SDR, Receivers, Frequency Counters, Signal Analyzers, and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Equipment. PerCon Master Frequency Database is also available for use in Embedded Systems. Custom formats of both products are available..

Oct 2017


For the 20th consecutive year, PerCon will continue to provide database services to Joint Spectrum Center. Services include online SFAF data, International Table of Frequency Allocations - TOA (Bandplan) data, and Custom DVD data.PerCon also hosts a Frequency Database Server for JSC.

Oct 2017


For the 21st consecutive year, PerCon will continue to provide CD-ROM and online services to the FCC's field offices. This will include access to PerCon's DataLinks site and Professional Series CD-ROMS. PerCon also provides custom data to the FCC's Equipment Development Group (EDG). Since early 2013, PerCon has been providing data to support the FCC Rollcall project. The FCC has been using various PerCon database products since 1994.

Dec 2015

Visual TOA

PerCon releases a Visual Interface to it's Worldwide Bandplan (Table of Allocations) called Visual TOA (VTOA).

Sept 2014


PerCon Announces PointMarker Ver. 1.2.1 for the iPad: Log important locations or geographic data with PointMarker! PointMarker makes it easy to record points and data. Simply press and hold over any point on the map to drop a pin and then annotate the point as needed. Need to record a different data set? Just add a new map and record more points. Share map data with others by emailing both .KMZ and text files. Purchase the APP from the Apple App Store
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Sept 2014

PointMarker Database Utility for the MAC

PerCon announces a companion utility (MAC only) for PointMarker. Contact PerCon sales for more information.