DataLinks is a powerful database driven search engine of FCC Databases, these range from IBFS, COALS, CDBS to all FCC Univeral Licensing System Databases (ULS). All FCC frequency databases are included in one composite Master Frequency Database. Due to the uniqueness of this product, DataLinks is is considerd a sole-source product by many of PerCon's customers. DataLinks also includes the FCC Antenna Registration (ANTREG), the FAA Digital Obstacle (DOF) and the Industry Canada TAFL. Most frequency databases are updatad daily. DataLinks offers a robust range of searches and outputs based unique to each individual database. Searches range from simple Callsign searches to complex multi-field searches. An SQL like query build and editor is available for those that would like to develop their own complex searches. Specialty searches include Radius (with inner and outer), Box, and Buffer Searches are available for most databases. Output formats range from simple HTML pages, Excel files, Standard Frequency Action Format (SFAF), KML for Google Earth, XML, JSON, to ASCII and DBF file formats. DataLinks also provides access to utilies like our Find Available Frequency utilities. Canada is also supported for those searches near the ABCD line. DataLinks offers an easy to use and time saing alternative to the ULS. Searches can be completed against multiple databases with no drill-down. DataLInks can be used in frequency interference, licensing, R&D, competive analysis and much more. Contact PerCon if you have questions or have specific requirements.


Dynamic Database Browsing (DDB)

Dynamic Database Browsing (DDB) provides users with a new way of searching and visualizing data found in PerCon online databases. Using special .KML files, users can not only view data, but search and extract new records simply by moving and manipulating a Google Earth map. Information, such as transmitter locations or towers are displayed automatically as the user zooms into the desired geographic location. As the user moves the map, data is retrieved from PerCon servers and new results are added to the map display. The search results are returned as interactive points and clicking on any point will provide detailed information for that record in a pop-up window. In addition, towers can be viewed in a 3D mode, giving the user a real sense of the structure height & scale. Users who mainly perform geographic database searches will benefit greatly from this option as they can now search various PerCon databases visually from a single interface. DDB is an optional product to PerCon DataLinks. To try our demo using Chautauqua County, NY, click on the following link: Demo



Worldwide Table of Frequency Allocations- WTFA (Previously known as the Worldwide Bandplan-WBP)

PerCon's Worldwide Table of Frequency Allocations is multi-national Table of Allocations (TOA) that covers over 150 countries and/or entities. It is a sole source product and is the only searchable database of it's kind. Searches across single or multiple countries can be performed using the easy to use DataLinks Database Engine. Many outputs are available, they range from ASCII, HTML to Google Earth KML, JSON and Excel. WTFA now supports the EFIS-XML output format.

WBP now supports a new and dynamic visual interface. Visual Table of Allocations is now available to WFTA users. VTOA Demo..

For more information see: Tutorial...
The 2018 edition will contain 18 new countries.

Attention Developers and Manufacturers, if you are interested in integrating the most complete Worldwide Table of Frequency Allocations into your product, please contact Chuck Pergrim, President of PerCon at (716) 386-6015. Embedded Systems - Worldwide Table of Frequency Allocations (ES-WTFA) is now available. ES-WTFA is a compact extract of WTFA for use in hardware, such as SDR, Receivers, Frequency Counters, Signal Analyzers, and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Equipment. PerCon Master Frequency Database is also available for use in Embedded Systems. Custom formats of both products are available. Contact PerCon for more information.


FCC Activity Monitor (FAM)

FAM can monitor any daily activity from the FCC, both Pending Applications and Granted Licenses. Any field or combination of fields in the PerCon's FCC data can be tracked, allowing for extremely robust queries. Queries can range from File Numbers or Call signs to application contact names or frequency coordinator names. Site specific searches can be performed as a radius search to protect against activity around locations. You may monitor any licenses, your licenses or even your competitor's licenses. Frequency ranges or specific frequencies searches may be performed with class of stations or radio services. Virtually any daily activity may be monitored. Get a heads up on future installations, potential interference or potential sales. Save valuable time in repetitive manual searches. On a daily basis you will receive an email with all results of pending and/or granted activity. These emails also contain quick links to the FCC and to a PerCon Excel spreadsheet that corresponds to the search results.